Video: Cat Just Wants to be Alone

Sometimes you just need to lock yourself in a closet for a moment’s peace.

Have you ever just wanted a moment to yourself? A little peace and quiet, away from everyone else in your house? This foster cat certainly has. In what was likely in a just-leave-me-alone kind of moment, this feline scratches at the closet to open the door while his Corgi friend, Sun, looks on. When he finally manages to get the door open and go inside, he’s probably thankful he was able to get away. That gratitude was short-lived, though, since his other roommate, a Siamese cat named Schrodinger, can’t help his curiosity and goes to find out just what the heck his foster buddy is doing. What the cat in the closet does next is priceless. And hilarious. I’m sure we’ve all been there.

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