Video: Cat Has Had Enough of Bath Time

This displeased feline tells her owner she wants ‘no more’ of her bath.

I don’t know about you, but I’ve never had a cat who liked to take a bath. Any human who tried to give them one would wind up with scratches all over their arms. And there was no use putting on kitchen gloves; they’d bite right through them. None of my kitties, however, were too vocal during what I’m sure they’d refer to as “an ordeal.” Sure, there were a few meows and hisses (admittedly, more hisses than meows), but that was all.

For the cat in this YouTube video posted by David Savage, the vocal displeasure goes beyond mere meows and hisses to it actually sounding like the cat is saying “No more.” And why wouldn’t she say it? She’s a cat. Of course she’s going to tell her owner she wants no more of something she doesn’t like. After all, she’s the boss, right?

How do your cats react to baths?


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