Video: Cat Determined to Sleep Despite Being Woken Up by Bird

All this bird wants is for his best friend, a cat, to wake up.

There’s nothing more annoying than being woken up when you’re trying to sleep, even if it is your best friend who’s trying to wake you. But when the best friend is a bird trying to wake his cat buddy, it makes for an adorable video.

We all know cats love to sleep. We can find them anywhere from our beds to the couch to their own beds to the pile of laundry we just folded. I had one who liked to sleep in the rain (but she hated baths, oddly enough). Not a single cat I’ve ever had liked to be woken up, and if one was, he or she would go find a different place to finish the nap. Your cats may be the same way. For Chama, the cat in this video, all she wants to do is sleep. Her feathered best friend, U-chan, is having none of it, gently pecking at her paws and face until finally Chama sits up. The cat, though graciously getting up for U-chan, still looks really sleepy, don’t you think?

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