Video: Cat Details Humans’ Relationship on Twitter, Causing Breakup

The lesson here is to not give your cat access to technology. Or just laugh at the absurdity of the video.

Cats are part of the family. As such, they see and hear everything. If we’re not careful, they might just reveal our personal business in public forums, such as Twitter. OK, so they probably won’t do that, but the folks at Cat CATastrophes decided to find out what it would be like if they did.

Oregano Jones, the feline companion to humans Alana and Kris, sits in his bed observing the couple. Kris chews too loudly, according to Alana, sparking an argument… and a tweet from Oregano Jones. The cat continues to share the couple’s conversation and breakup on Twitter, until, of course, he gets caught and is put in time out.

What would your cat tweet about you?


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