Family Dog Caught On Camera Knocking Over TV Then Fleeing The Scene

This footage definitely kept one boy from being grounded for life.

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"I'll show these humans what happens when they don't give me all the attention."

Have you ever been so engrossed by a TV show that you wish you could just crawl through the screen, sidestep the commercials and start a new life in the middle of a sitcom? That seems to be what this dog was thinking when he approached this family’s television, put his paws on the screen and… well, that’s when things went wrong.

Instead of being pulled into another dimension, he flipped the TV onto the floor, knocked a laptop to the ground and spilled a glass of milk on the other side of the room. Triple word score!

That moment when everything goes wrong. Via Kyoot Animals/YouTube

That moment when everything goes wrong. Via Kyoot Animals/YouTube

The kid who’d been calmly playing on his iPad had the only possible response to this trifecta of trouble: He yelled “Shoot!” He then had to explain to his dad what had happened, even though the dog had already smartly sprinted off to another part of the house. Fortunately for that boy’s allowance for the next 15 years, the entire scene was caught on camera (and then uploaded to YouTube by Kyoot Aniamls for all to see).

We hope that family learned a legit lesson about securing their electronics. And about using coasters.

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