VIDEO: Caique Finds Paper Towel, Has The Time Of Its Life

Who knew paper towels could be so much fun?

This black-headed caique found a paper towel, and is having the time of its life. 

Caiques are well-known for their playful nature, and their love of toys. As author Marylou Zarbock writes in the BirdChannel article, “The Unique Caique:

Toys are a must for caiques. The more toys, the better. They love all types of toys and particularly enjoy foot toys, those with bright colors and those that move or make noise. Providing them with something to hang from or swing on brings out the Tarzan in them.

Their nonstop energy spurs caiques to play with all of their toys every day, so rotate toys often to keep their interest. This might seem expensive, but you can augment store-bought toys with homemade ones. Balaban urges owners to be creative, something as simple as an entire roll of uncolored, unperfumed toilet paper will amuse your bird.

Do you have a caique? What’s their favorite bird toy? Let us know in the comments. 

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