VIDEO: Budgie Mourns Late Bird Friend

A video that has captured people's hearts.

A video of a distraught budgie mourning over his recently parted bird friend is making people everywhere mourn as well.

“This made me cry more than Titanic,” writes YouTube user Anya kabuttano.

“That’s the [saddest] thing I have ever seen!” writes YouTube user Nicotine46.

“It’s times like these when we feel that animals have more compassion than us humans,” said YouTube user Bharath Nagarajan.

According to, “The title of the video, shot in Turkey, appears to say that the female budgie has died while it? the male who? mourning.”

How the bird died is unknown. If the other budgie knows its friend has died is hard to tell too.

However, parrots can and will grieve over lost friends, birds or humans. According to the late bird behaviorist Liz Wilson in her BirdChannel article “Grieving:?lt;/span>

“Parrots need to be given time to work through their bereavement. Offering favorite foods and quiet, soft-spoken attention often facilitates healing. Ignoring a pet bird? grief can permanently damage a parrot? trust in a person. As with people, a grieving period can last variable lengths of time.?lt;/span> 

If your bird has lost a friend, how did they react? Let us know in the comments. 

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