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VIDEO: Big Bird Gets An Internship At Funny Or Die

Hilarity ensues as the Sesame Street star interns as a comedy writer at the video company.

Hilarity ensues as the Sesame Street star interns as a comedy writer at the video company.

Big Bird wants to be an astronaut and a firefighter when he grows up, but he also wants to be a comedy writer. That’s according to a new video from comedy video website, Funny or Die, in a video where Big Bird gets an internship with the company. 

So what is Big Bird’s day like? Well, he doesn’t know how to use a fax machine, he turns in a literal (and adorable) drawing for his first sketch, and he filled an entire cupboard full of birdseed. Plus, he asked if they could change the name of the company to “Funny and Good Try.” All in all, it’s an adorable video, and you should watch it.

So what bird species is Big Bird anyway? A few years ago, BirdChannel tried to suss it out in the article “Big Bird? Species Still Source for Debate.” In it, a number of BirdChannel visitors gave their opinions on what Big Bird was.

“Some forum users had different views about Big Bird? species?classification. Of the nine users who offered species suggestions, five said Big Bird was a chicken or a cross between a chicken and another bird species. Ostrich garnered the second-highest number of votes at four. Only one user said Big Bird could be part canary.

?ig Bird is clearly a canarich or an ostary (canary, ostrich cross),?wrote BirdChannel user Ickybird. ?strich because of his size, tail and feet, and canary because of his bright yellow color and his desire to sing all the time (although not well).?lt;/span>

BirdChannel user Ladyhawke50 even offered an explanation about Big Bird? evolutionary history, claiming Big Bird evolved from the bird-like dinosaur of the genus Gigantoraptor. Now, the user says, Big Bird looks like ?n ostrich with a cockatoo crest.?lt;/span> 

?e shares many of the traits of a cockatoo: cognitive learning, a good sense of humor and Big Bird likes to roller skate, dance and sing just like our cockatoos,?Ladyhawke50 said.?lt;/span>

What do you think of the video? What bird species do you think Big Bird is? Let us know in the comments.

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