Victoria Principal Sued Over Dog Incident

The actress allegedly pulled a gun on a former maid who took too long walking her dog.

Former “Dallas” actress Victoria Principal has been sued for allegedly assaulting a former maid after the woman took too long walking the actress’s dog.

According to a suit filed by housekeeper Maribel Banegas, Principal fired Banegas after accusing her of staying away from the house too long with her dog. Banegas says in court documents that the dog took more time than usual to do “its business.”

Principal then told Banegas to leave her Malibu, Calif., property, prompting Banegas to ask for her final wages. Principal then went upstairs and instead of returning with a checkbook, brandished a gun and threatened to kill her ex-employee. The suit also alleges that Principal asked another maid to step aside so that she could have a clear shot.

The complaint, filed Friday in Los Angeles Superior Court, says Benegas locked herself in a room, called 911 and waited until police arrived.

Banegas is suing Principal for lost wages and unspecified damages for assault, false imprisonment and intentional infliction of emotional distress.

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