Veteran Writes Emotional Thank You Letter To His Service Dog

Suffering with PTSD and suicidal thoughts, this veteran was saved by his service dog.

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Get your tissues ready.
Chrissa Hardy

Adjusting to civilian life after returning home from war is an unpredictable and emotional process for a veteran.

And in a video uploaded to YouTube by K9sForWarriors, a veteran shares his darkest moments after coming home, in the form of a thank-you letter to the service dog that saved his life.

Randy says he was serving as a combat medic in Iraq in 2005 when his unit was hit with an IED. That’s when everything changed.

“Nothing could have prepared me for what I saw that day,” he says in video.

After coming home, he says he had no idea he was even suffering from PTSD, but he knew felt trapped, suicidal and was taking 14 medications at the time.

Nothing helped him, until he met his service dog, Captain.

Captain changed his perspective on everything. He offered comfort and endless support through the good days, and the bad.

“You have saved my marriage, you have completely enriched my children’s lives, and best of all, I can’t remember the last time I had a suicidal thought,” Randy says in his letter to Captain.

They are lucky to have found each other, and no matter where life takes them, their bond makes them both stronger.

Go ahead and cry. We’re crying, too. And maybe go give your dog a big hug.

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