Social Media Helps Reunite Veteran With His Lost Service Dog

Thanks to a widely shared Facebook post, former U.S. Marine Joshua Aikens' dog was found within three days.

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Joshua Aikens says social media is the reason his missing dog was found. Via Joshua Aikens/Facebook

A former U.S. Marine has thanked social media for reuniting him with his beloved service dog. 

Joshua Aikens was in Salt Lake City, Utah with his dog, Buell, when she wriggled out of her collar and ran away, Fox 13 reports. The devastated man told his sister what had happened, and she quickly wrote a Facebook post about it and shared some pictures of Aikens and Buell. Thanks to her efforts at the computer, Buell was spotted on a trail and reunited with her relieved owner. She had been missing for three long days.

She’s back. 3 days and 15 miles into the foothills outside of the city where we started. Thank you too everyone, this is…

Posted by Joshua Aikens on Sunday, 10 April 2016

“When I lost her, I lost everything, and the people of this city gave me everything back,” Aikens told Fox 13. “I can’t express how thankful I am for that. I will always be in debt to this city and what they gave back to me.”

The city helped, sure, but come on! Your sister deserves a big thank you, too.

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