Vet Who Dined With Scared Dog Celebrates One-Year Anniversary With Special Meal

Graycie was so scared that she couldn’t eat alone, and a kind vet helped her out. Now the two mark the occasion in a sweet way.

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Anastasia Thrift

Last year, we shared the story of Graycie, a special dog with a special vet. She was too scared to eat while during her recovery at Granite Hills Animal Care, so veterinarian Dr. Andy Mathis climbed in her kennel with her to make her feel more comfortable by eating a meal with her.

Last month, on the one-year anniversary of that sweet moment (and Valentine’s Day eve), Mathis and Graycie dined at a beautifully set table in front of the kennels to celebrate Graycie’s progress and to mark the occasion of their first meal, a Facebook video from the care center in Elberton, Georgia, shows. The table is decorated with flowers, a candle and a fine bottle of… well, water, of course (only the healthiest options at the vet’s, naturally).

Graycie Claire Anniversary 2017

Graycie Claire Anniversary 2017

Posted by Granite Hills Animal Care on Monday, February 13, 2017

The two eat from silver dog dishes, Graycie’s with doggy food and Mathis with people eats — but dog friendly ones, we think, because he gives Graycie a great big bite from his fork at one moment. Mathis wears a suit and tie and Graycie, adorably, wears multiple strands of pearls.

It’s a fitting meal for a special girl. Graycie’s health concerns mean she’s not the easiest fit for most families. A birth defect affects her bladder function, so she has to wear a diaper at all times. She also has fear and anxieties that limit the pets and people she can be with.

In their follow-up posts, Mathis and Granite Hills encourage folks who show interest in Graycie to look in their local shelters for best friends like Graycie. Like this special girl, who was given a chance at a good life with people who clearly treat her right, other pets around the country are only one new home away from being someone’s sweet Valentine, all year long.

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