Vet Who Bragged About Killing Cat Fights For Her License

The Facebook photo of a cat suffering an arrow wound from vet Kristen Lindsey was prominent in yesterday's hearing.

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Clare Johnson testified that the cat killed by Dr. Kristen Lindsey was not a feral cat but in fact her pet, Tiger. Via Alley Cat Allies
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The veterinarian who boasted that her “first bow kill” was a cat has wrapped up two days of fighting to keep her veterinary license.

Dr. Kristen Lindsey voiced her appeal to the Texas Board of Veterinary Medical Examiners for the second day in an Austin court yesterday, with the veterinary board making their case thatLindsey is guilty of animal cruelty for delivering a mortal arrow wound to a cat last year, according to KVUE News.

The incriminating photo that Lindsey posted to Facebook in April 2015, where the vet bragged about killing a feral cat, played a large part in the hearing. After posting this photo, Lindsey was fired from the clinic where she worked; six months later the Texas board voted to revoke her license.

The photo shows Lindsey holding up the cat, who still had an arrow through him and who might still have been alive when the picture was taken.

Dr. Lindsey had to defend her incriminating photo during an appeal to keep her veterinary license.Via Alley Cat Allies

Dr. Lindsey had to defend an incriminating photo during an appeal to keep her veterinary license.Via Alley Cat Allies

Dr. William Folger, a veterinarian arguing for the board, said the picture shows the cat was tense with flexed muscles, indicating he still exerted control over his body. Lindsey took the stand to counter this, but a former coworker agreed with the vet’s analysis.

Vet tech Karen Champion told the administrative judge overseeing the case that at the time of the Facebook post she overheard Lindsey talking to her boss and landlord who told her to “take care of the cat,” KVUE reports.

“What I understood him to mean was for Kristen to shoot the cat,” Chapman said on the witness stand, according to the news outlet. “Is really what he meant, because people do that all the time in Washington County.”

Another aspect of the case is whether the killed cat was a feral tomcat, as Lindsey assumed, or a neutered pet cat named Tiger. The cat’s owner, Carole Johnson, stood before the administrative judge to offer photographic proof.

“It was shocking to hear testimony confirming that Tiger was still alive in the picture that Kristen Lindsey posted on Facebook,” Misty Christo, an attorney with Alley Cat Allies, said in a press release. “The testimony demonstrated in terrible detail how much Tiger suffered from her cruelty.”

“Kristen Lindsey betrayed the trust that we place in veterinarians to care for animals,” Christo continued. “The information from this hearing emphatically reaffirmed that her veterinary license should be revoked forever. She should never care for an animal again.”

Written closing arguments will be presented by June 1. The decision on whether Lindsey will keep her license will be made at some point after that.

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