Vet Shares Meal In Kennel To Calm Hungry, Scared Puppy

A video of a vet sharing a meal with an abandoned puppy has 6.4 million views and shows how kindness helps heal dogs.

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Graycie is on the road to recovery. Via Granite Hill Animal Care/Facebook
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Graycie the puppy was abandoned by the side of the road a couple of weeks back and at the time might not have thought she had much luck. Then Dr. Andy Mathis came along and changed all that.

Once Mathis, a veterinarian with Granite Hills Animal Care in Elberton, Georgia, made the decision to take in the scared and clearly ill homeless gray Pit Bull, he committed fully to rehabilitating the dog. He’s gone beyond remedying the dog’s immediate medical needs, correcting a prolapsed uterus and restoring blood levels, to comforting the dog and perhaps healing the worst damage. Watch this video and see.

The full clip has been viewed 6.4 million times since being posted to the Granite Hills Facebook page last Saturday. As Mathis climbs into Graycie’s kennel with a bowl of food for him and one for her, she shies a bit but soon she grows comfortable and begins to eat from his hand.

This is a long way from the evening of Jan. 29, when someone brought the dog to the vet clinic after finding her cowering on a dirt road. Mathis had to make a decision.

“I had 2 options,” he wrote on Instagram. “1. Put her to sleep or 2. Try to save her. I asked the universe — also known as Facebook — for guidance, and they said ‘try.’”

He drew from the Veterinary Charitable Care Fund, which he helped establish through the AVMF, to care for all her needs. She’s since been spayed and has overcome her physical symptoms.

Back in the fall, we set up a charity fund the the Veterinary Charitable Care Fund, through the AVMF, the charitable arm of the AVMA. It allows me to treat pets which fall into specific categories- people with financial hardships, veterans, good samaritan cases, victims of domestic violence, etc. You can read more about it at vccfund dot org. We had a small amount in the fund. This emaciated gal was found dumped on a county dirt road about the time I closed on Friday night. She’s emaciated, extremely anemic, and has a uterine prolapse. The person couldn’t leave her there eventhough she wasn’t looking for, and couldn’t afford to take care of her. So I had 2 options 1. put her to sleep or 2. Try to save her. I asked the universe — also known as facebook –for guidance, and they said “try”. So while this girl was getting checked into the teaching hospital at UGA on late Friday night- they started fundraising for her, and christened her Graycie Clair. As one said, if one passes away, or is sent to Rainbow bridge, they need a name. And it had to be spelled Gray. . . UGA was able get her stable, despite not being able to afford a blood transfusion. I picked her up late Sunday night and brought her back to my hospital. Right now, she’s got a pursestring suture holding her uterus in place, a urinary catheter to urinate through, and an E-collar. That all has to stay in place till if, and/or when her blood levels build back enough up to be spayed. She is eating, and did finally poop for the first time last night. More in the next photos. . .

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Now, Mathis tells ABC News, he’s socializing Graycie and getting her ready for adoption, which could occur in a few weeks after she gains weight.

“By getting her out of her comfort zone a little bit we hope she’ll get used to people,” he told the news outlet.

“There’s a lot of dogs like her out there,” he added. “So by sharing her story it brings awareness to other pets who need homes.”

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