Vet Paddles the River Thames in Giant Dog Bowl

British veterinarian and his dog complete week-long voyage in a giant dog bowl for charity.

Turns out puppy love – not to mention a little dogged determination – makes one do crazy things.

British veterinarian Joe Inglis and his Collie mix, Jack, dog paddled 150 miles on the River Thames near London in a giant dog bowl last week to raise money and attention for the U.K.-based charity Hearing Dogs for Deaf People, an organization that provides service dogs to the hearing impaired.

“I paddled solidly for five hours to make it on time and I have never been so tired,” Inglis told the BBC. “Jack was brilliant and he learned a new command. When I said ‘all aboard’ he jumped in the boat.”

Inglis, from the BBC show “Vets in Practice,” said he raised around $10,000 during the week-long voyage. His vessel, the 6-foot-wide Mutty Bark, was originally a water trough for cattle.

“It was [a] harsh experience and very, very tiring, but the result was worth it,” he says. “Now I just want to go home and sleep for a week.”

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