?veryday Edisons?Seeks Pet Product Inventions

Everyday Edisons, produced by product development company Edison Nation, launches a casting call for pet product inventions.

Seeking to replicate the commercial success it has had with pet products in the past, television program Everyday Edisons, produced by product development company Edison Nation, last week launched a casting call for pet product inventions for “dogs, cats, rabbits, reptiles, hamsters and everything in between.”

The pet product idea casting call, which ends April 23, will be for the show’s fifth season. Inventors can still submit pet product ideas until April 30, when the season’s open casting call ends. Ideas are submitted online at the Edison Nation website.

The show’s premise is to help inventors develop their product ideas into finished products that can be then licensed to manufacturers and major retailers. For product development and licensing arrangements, Edison splits royalties with the inventors, who do not pay for Edison’s development support other than a $25 idea submission fee.

Four of the 10 featured ideas for the show’s fourth season, which began airing on public television in early April, were pet product ideas. The inventors include Brian Smith of Orlando, Fla., and his slow pull retractable dog leash designed to prevent retractable leash injuries; Daniel Lentz of Venice, Calif., and his Rover Rinser dog bathing product; Ken Joyner of Pasadena, Calif., and his Spot Extractor device for cleaning liquids, specifically puppy urine, from carpet;  and Maura Indes and Tom Adam disposable litter box for cats.

The show’s big pet product success was the Emery Cat, which touts it has sold more than one million dual cat scratcher/nail trimmers.

Everyday Edisons is concurrently conducting a casting call for home, kitchen and bath product ideas, including ideas for the patio and garden. Season four will feature one patio product idea: a continuous convection outdoor cooking grill from Al Contarino of Boxford, Mass.

Parent Edison Nation, which positions itself as a community of inventors, also conducts specific invention searches for retailers and manufacturers aside from the television program. Again, it seeks to split royalties with inventors whose ideas Edison is able to develop and license. For example, Edison is currently conducting an idea search through mid May for practical garden organization tools (such as hose reels) for Liberty Garden, a manufacturer of lawn and garden products.

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