Variegated Buttercup Pennywort Introduced By Aquascapes Unlimited

Crystal Ball is a low growing aquatic plant that features green leaves with cream-colored margins.

Hydrocotyle ranunculoides Via Velela/Wikipedia

Aquascapes Unlimited has introduced a new ornamental aquatic plant called Crystal Ball, a variegated buttercup pennywort that the company says looks best sweeping down a waterfall feature or cascading over the edge of a planted container.

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The plant, of the family Apiaceae, features floating or creeping stems, and roots at the nodes. The leaf is non-peltate and umbrella-like, and is green with cream-colored margins. It grows in moist soil to 4 inches deep and does best in clear and clean water. It is low growing and can tolerate from part shade to full sun. It can be found from Pennsyvania to Florida and west to the Pacific. For more information, visit


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