Vanessa Williams Reunited With Lost Dog

The missing Yorkshire Terrier is back at home with owner Vanessa Williams after nearly two weeks.

Vanessa Williams must be a very happy woman right now. Enzo, her 1-year-old Yorkshire Terrier, is back at her suburban New York home after being missing for almost two weeks.

Enzo was returned to a shelter in Stamford, Conn., about 20 miles away from Williams’ home. The dog was identified as belonging to Williams after a veterinarian examining Enzo found a microchip ID embedded in the dog.

Williams had filed a police report on May 28 after she returned to her Chappaqua estate from an errand and found Enzo missing from her yard.

The missing Yorkshire Terrier’s predicament drew media coverage in New York. Williams, citing the case of another high-profile dog who had gone missing in the area, claimed Enzo was the victim of a dognapping ring.

Mount Pleasant police Chief Louis Alagno dismissed the idea and suggested instead that coyotes, which are common in the rural area, were snatching the dogs.

A sheriff’s department spokesman had no comment on Enzo’s safe return.

The other high-profile dog to go missing in the area is Gus, a long-haired Dachshund who belongs to former New York Post publisher Ken Chandler. Gus is still missing.

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