Vancouver Cat Café Temporarily Closes Due to Cat Shortage

Catfé has to close its doors short-term for the best possible reason: the café is short on cats because too many have been adopted.

The best reason for a cat café to be closed. Via Catfé/Twitter

Vancouver’s first ever cat café, aptly titled Catfe [], has only been opened since mid-December, but already the hot spot is closing up shop – temporarily, that is. The reason? They can’t keep a steady supply of cats on hand!

“We even got a couple emergency shipments of a couple cats at a time and then people would come in and meet them and wanted to adopt them the next day,” Michelle Furbacher, president of Catfe told News 1130. “We had just a crazy spree of adoptions that happened in the first couple weeks since we opened.”

Catfe, which specializes in cat-themed edibles and merchandise, opened three weeks ago and has a partnership with the BC SPCA, who provides feline adoptables to the shop. While eight to twelve cats are typically found roaming the premises; that number has been insufficient in meeting the demand of patrons who have contributed to the overwhelming, surprising success of Catfe.

“We’ve stumbled upon an adoption model that really works,” said Furbacher. “The most we had was eight in the first week we opened, but they just all got adopted out so quickly.”

Catfe is expected to reopen on Jan. 7 after a new shipment of cats is delivered. Until then, Furbacher recommends checking local area shelters for cats if you’re interested in adopting.

Talk about a total win for homeless cats, right?

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