Utah Welcomes Its First ‘Porn-Sniffing’ Dog

A dog named URL was trained to detect digital storage and other digital media devices.

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URL and his handler, Detective Cam Hartman. Both went through training with Jordan Detection K-9. Via Weber County Sheriff’s Office/Facebook
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The state of Utah has just received its first electronics-detection dog from Jordan Detection K-9 in Greenfield, Indiana. Such dogs are often referred to as “porn-sniffing” dogs because of the content on the devices they are trained to find.

The 16-month-old black Labrador Retriever is named URL and was trained by Todd Jordan, the same man who trained Bear, the dog who discovered evidence in the home of former Subway pitchman Jared Fogle. Bear’s discovery helped lead to Fogle’s conviction on porn and other sex-related charges.

URL is trained to locate electronic storage devices such as SIM cards, cell phones, external hard drives, SD cards and other digital devices such as iPads and tablets — devices that can be used to store information, according to the
Weber County Sheriff’s Office Facebook page.

Posted by WEBER COUNTY SHERIFF’S OFFICE on Tuesday, June 21, 2016

URL was rescued from a shelter as a puppy. He went through six months of electronics detection training, and while he cannot detect the actual data that is stored on these devices, such as pornography, he can detect the chemical makeup of certain electronic components found on these devices. URL’s handler, Detective Cam Hartman, also went through training and both will be re-certified on an annual basis.

The state acquired URL with funding from the Weber Metro Narcotics Strike Force. He will be used after a search warrant is issued and executed and never for a non-warranted search, the Weber County Sheriff’s Office said on its Facebook page. URL will be under the responsibility of the Weber County Sheriff’s Office and will serve the Northern Utah area. According to the Weber County Sheriff’s Office, URL is just one of nine certified electronics-detection K-9s in the country, and the only one serving the western states region.

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