Updated: The Dogs Gus Kenworthy Adopted from Sochi Arrive in U.S.

While three of the puppies are now on their way home to the US, one sweet little soul is traveling with her family in spirit.

Update: See the group reunited on the Today Show>>

U.S. Olympic Skier, Gus Kenworthy won a Silver medal at the Winter Olympics and became the U.S. golden boy after finding and rescuing four adorable stray puppies in Sochi. Read more>>

Gus Kenworthy with Sochi stray puppies

After heading home from the Olympics, the athlete excitedly awaited his reunion with the sweet pups who would be brought home by Kenworthy’s close friend, Robin Macdonald.  

Gus Kenworthy Twitter


While three of the puppies and their mother made the trip this week, it is with heavy hearts that we report one of the puppies will not be joining the reunion.

“Sochi,” a female stray, died while Kenworthy’s friend, Robin Macdonald, was trying to get the adopted puppies back to the United States for proper treatment, Kenworthy spokesman Michael Spencer says in an ABC report.

“No words can explain what has happened here, good bye little guy, we will miss you. Heading home on Tuesday,” MacDonald wrote with a photo of himself holding the adorable brown and black pooch. He followed up by responding to a concerned fan, writing, “she died, they refused to let me bring her to get treatment.” 


Robin Macdonald Twitter


Macdonald flew back from Russia with five dogs: Jake, Rosa, Mishka, the mother of the liter and Stryder. The group has safely made it home.

Sochi puppies


Sochi puppy


 “We are all ok, and made it to America! A big thanks to the best 5 travel companions one could ask for,” MacDonald tweets.


Sochi puppy


Sochi puppy


Kenworthy previously told the Today Show that he will be keeping Rosa and another dog, one will be going to Kenworthy’s brother’s family and the mother will go to his mom.

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