Update on Country’s Fattest Cat

Sprinkles, a cat who was abandoned and grew to 33 pounds, is slimming down and possibly getting plastic surgery.

Recently, an excessively overweight and previously abandoned cat named Sprinkles made headlines when she landed in a rescue facility. When Sprinkles was discovered in a foreclosed house, she tipped the scale at 33 pounds, an astonishing number for a cat that should weigh approximately 10 pounds.

Since her arrival at S.O.S. Sea Isle Cats Inc. rescue, Sprinkles has been given the care she lacked in her previous life. Although nothing is known about her original pet parents, it’s clear that they were not taking proper care of their cat. In addition to the cat’s weight problem, she had fleas and mites. It’s also becoming apparent that she was probably left alone quite a bit.

“She is constantly craving attention and is so overweight that we would surmise that she was left alone to feed and eat too much,” says Sprinkles the cat’s primary caretaker, Stacy Jones Orlandt

The staff has set about rehabbing Sprinkles to get her healthy and happy, which will eventually lead to her going to a furever home. But the process to get there is a long one. When Sprinkles first arrived, she showed little interest in cat food, leading caretakers to believe she was probably fed human food.

“Our vet has developed a specialist science diet food which we will be switching her to,” Orlandt says. “That will be very carefully measured so she loses weight carefully over the next year and a half.”

The black-and-white cat has indeed been losing weight, slowly and safely. Once she gets down to her goal weight, it is likely that she will have excess, loose skin. If that’s the case, her vet is willing to do a kitty tummy tuck for free. It’s just a sign of how the community is rallying around Sprinkles to get her healthy and set her up for her future.

“We think that Sprinkles has a very bright future, she is only four years old and is extremely social and friendly,” Orlandt says. “With proper weight control she could have a bright future ahead of her. Many cats live well into their 20s so she is very much at the beginning of her journey.”

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