Up and at ’em

Tiny yet feisty, the Toy Fox Terrier has spunk to spare.

Curled up on the couch watching late-night TV in their Georgia home, Ralph Rascati, Ph.D., and his wife Daryleen seem to be alone. That is until you notice the telltale lumps under the blanket between them where eight Toy Fox Terriers nestle into their respective spots.

But if ice-skating, a gymnastics competition, or Dancing With the Stars comes on, 2-year-old Tempy goes ballistic, flying into an all-out, hackles-up fit, barking a warning to the screen’s inhabitants not to come into his territory.

The Rascatis, who breed and show the dogs, share their home with 25 of the sprites. “They may be a toy in size, but they are all terrier in attitude,” says Ralph Rascati, health chairperson for the American Toy Fox Terrier Club. They’re ready to take on the world if need be.”

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