The 14 Best Unlikely Animal Friendships Of 2015

This has been a year of odd couples when it comes to animal friendships. And we wouldn't have it any other way.

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And this is just the beginning... Via chilberg/Instagram

It has been a stellar year for friendship, particularly in the animal kingdom. The Internet has given us a peek into these absolutely delightful animal bonds, and it seems the unlikelier the camaraderie, the more fun it is for everyone.

In many cases, these pairs with paws became close in dire circumstances, and found love in a hopeless place. In other cases, these buddies simply met and had an instant connection. In all cases, the results are 100 percent adorable.

Here are the cutest, most Disney movie-worthy unlikely pet friendships of 2015.

1. Puka and Rocket Larry

Puka is Bulldog/Bullmastiff mix and Rocket Larry is a tortoise, and both were adopted in 2011. Since then, they have gained Insta-fame and have been dressed up in several amazing outfits.   2. Puppet and Puff

Puppet and Puff have been kickin’ it together for a while, and their adventures have been shared on Facebook. Is it odd that a cat would be friends with a bearded dragon? Sure. But is it awesome? Absolutely.

3. Gus and Wallace

Lazy Sunday ???? #flemishgiant #brothers #cat #rabbitsofinstagram #bunny #rabbit #love

A photo posted by Wallace (Flemish Giant) (@wallacethewabbit) on

Gus and Wallace are a cat and Flemish Giant rabbit, respectively. And they’re so tight that they’ve even started to look alike.   4. Komari and Her Ferret Family

A kitten in Japan named Komari was taken in by a family when she was just 5 weeks old. At the time, she was sickly and in desperate need of care. Luckily for her, the family also had six male ferrets as pets, and she bonded with them instantly.

5. Kago and Kumbali

Via YouTube

Aren’t they the CUTEST! Via YouTube

Kago is a puppy and Kumbali is a cheetah cub. After an equally rough start to life, they were paired up in a Virginia zoo and are now the very best friends that anyone can have.

6. Pumpkin, Oreo and Toffee

Is it time for brunch yet?#pumpkintheraccoon #baby #raccoon #photooftheday #photos4ellen #instagood #instadaily…

Posted by Pumpkin The Raccoon on Sunday, October 4, 2015

Pumpkin the raccoon fell out of a tree and broke her leg in someone’s backyard. Then she was taken in and raised alongside two dogs named Oreo and Toffee. Not long after, she started to act like a dog herself.

7. Fuku-Chan and Marimo


Posted by Hukulou Coffee on Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Fuku-Chan is just a baby owl, standing in front of a kitten named Marimo, asking to become best buds in a Japanese coffee shop. Yup, that’s how it went down. Magical, right?

8. Sidney and Oscar

Via chilberg/Instagram

I mean, the chick can’t breathe, but I bet it’s nice and warm under there. Via YouTube

For some reason, this chick loves nothing more than being buried underneath this cat’s heavy noggin. Sidney is the chick and Oscar is the cat, and somehow, their strange relationship is still going strong.

9. Moritz B. and Leonardio diCatzio

Via YouTube

Does your cat pet your face during naptime? Didn’t think so. Via YouTube

First of all, their names are Moritz B. and Leonardio diCatzio (you can probably tell who is who by the names). Second of all, this is how they snuggle. Third of all… c’mon do you even need a third of all?

10. Osiris and Riff Ratt

#RiffRatt is getting pretty great at standing on his back legs!

A photo posted by Osiris + Riff Ratt ???????????? (@osirisandriff) on

Osiris the dog and Riff Ratt the rat are the bestest buds and their friendship is all over Instagram. They play, snuggle and get into all kinds of shenanigans. 11. Lola and the Baby Goats

Via YouTube

This might be the best game of King of the Mountain ever played. Via YouTube

Lola the Chihuahua spends her afternoons at Sunflower Farm Creamery playing with baby goats on hay bales. They hop around, they chase each other, and it’s the kind of dynamic that you will never be able to get enough of. 12. Pokey and Puffito

Pokey and Puffito are a hedgehog and hamster who live together and do all kinds of cute things together. Are you in love yet? Follow them on Instagram and you will be.

13. Pixel and Cloud

Have you met Pixel the piggy? She’s a spotted pig who lives in Arizona with her sister, Cloud the cat, and she’s an absolute HAM. (Pig puns are the best puns.) 14. Bob and His Hamster and Bird Buddies

Now this friendship is straight out of a Disney movie. Bob the Golden Retriever is friends with several birds and one chubby-cheeked hamster. Talk about #squadgoals

Which one was your favorite?

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