Under-Tail Cat Health

Hemorrhoids, anal gland clog, intestinal prolapse — learn what could, or could not, go wrong under your cat's tail.

Can cats get hemorrhoids? – Will

Hemorrhoids are a swelling of the veins in and around the rectum. The prevailing opinion — some vets may disagree — is that cats do not get them, but as with many health-related concerns, if your cat is acting in a manner that makes you think he has them he needs to see his vet.

•     Is your cat crying in his litterbox or straining as he uses it? Is he showing increased interest in his under-tail  area when grooming or scooting his behind on your carpets and couches? He might need to drink more water or have a diet revamp to improve his digestive health. He might need to have his anal glands expressed. Or he could be fighting a worm infestation.

•    Have you seen a hemorrhoid-like protrusion in his anal area? If so, he must see a vet immediately. A cat’s digestive tract is more delicate than our own and this swelling could be an anal prolapse, a serious, life-threatening emergency.

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