Unconditional Love

The affectionate Burmese just wants to be part of the family.


When Idaho-based Burmese breeder Kate Barnes walks down the hallway of her house, it’s not unusual for her to turn around and see four or five Burmese following behind her. “Burmese have been described as the ‘Velcro cat,’ and I wholeheartedly agree,” she says. “They just want to be loved and adored and return that love and adoration without limit.”

The Burmese is well-known for its passion for people and is the kind of cat that fits in just about any kind of home. San Francisco-area breeder Margaret Stevens says that Burmese like everyone: children, men, women and older adults.

“They are an ideal family pet as they respond to everyone in the family,” she says. “They don’t usually attach themselves to just one individual. But they are unlike dogs in that they still have a cat’s personality; they are mysterious and independent at times.”

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