Um. So. Why Does My Cat Stomp on My Crotch?

My cat kneads my lap in the more sensitive areas. Why? And can I stop it?

Why won’t my cat stop marching on my crotch when he’s trying to get comfortable? –Dan Dean

Kneading and circling before lying down is a big thing with cats (and dogs, too). It’s part of their nature and it probably started back in the days of their wild ancestors when there were no laps, carpets or beds anywhere in sight.

  • Grass and dirt had to do for resting spots, but that’s not comfortable until you tamp some of it down and fluff some of it up.
  • Marching around also helped transfer scent, so cats could lay claim to those perfect spots with just the right amount of sun exposure.

Your modern cat has access to the warm lap of a person he loves and that’s where he’s going to relax, but he can’t shake those wild impulses. Keep his claws trimmed; that’s all you can do.

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