Ukulele De Meyer’s

After reading an article coming in the July 2010 issue about encouraging your parrot to talk and make sounds, I want my Meyer’s parrot, Garth, to learn the sounds of a chocobo. What’s a chocobo, you ask? It’s a fictional bird from the video game series Final Fantasy. It is a large, yellow bird (I believe the size of an ostrich) and, in one of the games, he likes to run around digging up buried treasure. You can level him up where he’ll change colors and gain new abilities, like swimming, climbing mountains and flying. He even has his own theme song called “Ukulele De Chocobo,” written by Nobuo Uematus. It’s very fun and upbeat, with the chocobo in the middle of the song going “Kweeeeeeeeeh!”

Now, while my Meyer’s parrot can fly, he’ll never learn to dig up buried treasure (if his foraging box doesn’t count). But I really want him to pick up the chocobo sound. The article says to play the sound you want over and over, or say it with some excitement. I can’t replicate the chocobo sound, but I do want to play the theme song over and over and hope my Meyer’s parrot picks it up. I am afraid he’ll start singing the tune to “Ukulele De Chocobo,” but maybe one day I will hear the trademark, “Kweeeeeeeeeh!”

What sounds or words do you want your pet bird to pick up and learn?

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