Uggie The Dog, Star Of ‘The Artist,’ Snubbed At Oscars

The 2016 Academy Awards' "In Memoriam" segment failed to mention the furry castmate who died last year.

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Uggie with Oscar-winner Jean Dujardin in 2012 Via Consider Uggie/Facebook
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Following last night’s Academy Awards, many film fans have taking to the web to express outrage over actors and actresses not included in the Oscars’ remembrance segment, and one canine costar is among those considered overlooked.

Uggie the dog, who starred in 2012’s best picture winner “The Artist,” went missing from the 2016 ceremony’s “In Memoriam” section.

His omission was mentioned in The Independent and several other media outlets, which also detailed chagrin about the absence of such stars as Abe Vigoda (“The Godfather”), Joan Rivers (“A Piece Of Work”) and Geoffrey Lewis, father of actress Juliette Lewis, who had roles in more than 200 films.

The Jack Russell Terrier had endured the pain of a prostate tumor last year until his owner compassionately decided to end to 13-year-old Uggie’s suffering and put him to sleep.

Uggie starred alongside Reese Witherspoon in "Water For Elephants." Via Consider Uggie/Facebook

Uggie starred alongside Reese Witherspoon in “Water For Elephants.” Via Consider Uggie/Facebook

His role in the 2011 feature film “The Artists” garnered adoration from moviegoers. He stole several scenes from lead actor Jean Dujarin, who won an Academy Award for best actor at the 2012 Oscars’ ceremony.

Uggie getting jazz lessons from Johnny Depp Via Consider Uggie/Facebook

Uggie getting jazz lessons from Johnny Depp.  Via Consider Uggie/Facebook

Uggie lived with his owner, Omar Von Mueller, in Los Angeles, California. The well-rounded hound also promoted video games as the first-ever spokesdog for Nintendo.

Despite not being included in the Oscars’ remembrance segment, it is clear Uggie is missed and remembered by many.

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