UGA Community Practice Clinic Launches Puppy Training Classes

The University of Georgia College of Veterinary Medicine’s Community Practice Clinic is now offering puppy training classes.

Behavioral problems are the number one reason why millions of dogs are abandoned each year, according to the college. Anyone who has recently acquired a puppy between eight and 16 weeks of age can head off potential behavioral issues by enrolling their new family member in training classes, the college further noted.

The training is designed to teach new owners how to train a puppy to sit, stay, come when called, not be afraid or aggressive at the veterinarian’s office, and learn proper canine etiquette and proper house training.

The sessions will also help dog owners learn prevention measures for common behavior problems such as separation anxiety, storm phobia and fear aggression.

Owners may enroll their puppies in the course at any time. Specific vaccines are required for puppies participating in the group sessions.

The college’s behavior service also offers counseling sessions for people who are considering adding a dog or cat to their household.

Offered on Tuesdays at 7 p.m., the course consists of four classes and a 20-minute introductory session for $80.

For details, call 706-542-1984 or email

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