Two New Tetra Species Discovered And Described

Both Hyphessobrycon tetras are translucent with orange fins.

Hyphessobrycon krenakore

Brazilian researchers have discovered and described two new species from the Hyphessobrycon genus that look somewhat like the fin nipping Serpae tetra (Hyphessobrycon eques) but with less striking colorations.

Hyphessobrycon delimai is translucent with a black splotch at the base of its caudal peduncle, while Hyphessobrycon krenakore lacks the prominent black splotch. Both have orange colored dorsal and anal fins and both have orange that runs into the anal fin, though Hyphessobrycon delimai’s orange coloration in the fin is more sharp while the orange coloration in Hyphessobrycon krenakore is much softer, according to a research paper published in the Journal of Fish Biology.

Hyphessobrycon delimai
Hyphessobrycon delimai.

The fish were discovered in the headwaters of the Tapajós and Xingu River basins in Pará, Brazil, which is located in he northeast section of the country.

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