Two New Species of Anthias from the Marquesas Islands Described

Plectranthias flammeus and Pseudanthias oumati described from 2011 expedition to French Polynesia.

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John Virata

Researchers Jeffrey T. Williams, Erwan Delriue-Trottin and Serge Planes have discovered and described two new species of fish of the subfamily Anthiinae. The two fish hail from the Marquesas Islands in French Polynesia.

Plectranthias flammeus, the flame perchlet was found in Nuku Hiva in the Marquesas Islands in 20-45 meters of water. It has fleshy white tipped dorsal rays and a reddish orange stream on the lower cheek and lips with maroon ringed yellow blotches on a white body. The specimen collected was just less than an inch long.

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Pseudanthias oumati, the saffron anthias is bright yellow in coloration throughout its body and fins. The fish, about 2.2 inches in length was found shoaling with five to six like species on a reef about 50-55 meters deep at Fatu Hiva in the Marquesas Islands. According to the paper, Pseudanthias oumati has not been found in other islands in French Polynesia and may be restricted to the Marquesas Islands.

The researchers conducted an extensive survey in the Marquesas Islands 2011 and their preliminary results indicate 526 fish species occurring in the islands and 68 endemic species, of which the researchers say many remain undescribed. They also collected more than 22 specimens that might possibly be undescribed species. The flame perchlet was reported in 2006 from a photograph taken at the time but no specimen was collected. The saffron anthias is a species that was previously unknown.

The full paper, including comparisons with known anthias species can be found on the Zootaxa website here.

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