Tiny Two-Legged Kitten Takes His Very First Steps Thanks To Equally Tiny Wheelchair

Rescued kitten Cassidy is learning to walk with a tiny custom-built wheelchair.

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Cassidy quickly got the hang of his custom-built wheelchair. Via TinyKittens/Facebook

Remember that scene in “American Beauty” where Ricky, the camcorder-obsessed weirdo films a plastic bag and rambles on about how there’s just so much beauty in the world? Well, he was right — just not about the floating bag.

Take little Cassidy, for example. This adorably tiny kitten lost his back legs when he was born, but was able to take his very first steps, thanks to a custom-built, equally tiny wheelchair.

Bipawd #MiracleKitten Cassidy takes his first steps in his new wheelchair — totally unassisted. Just amazing. <3This tiny feral kitten lost both back legs when he was born, and somehow managed to survive for nine weeks in the forest. It is a medical miracle that he survived even a day with such severe injuries, let alone nine weeks. His little body had just about given out from starvation and infection by the time we rescued him, but he never gave up! Thanks to the team at Mountain View Veterinary Hospital for giving Cassidy the chance he fought so hard for, and to Andrew at HandicappedPetsCanada.com for making the tiniest wheelchair he’s ever made just so Cassidy wouldn’t have to wait to feel the wind in his glorious floof.And our heartfelt thanks to those who have donated for Cassidy’s medical expenses, sent supplies, made stump covers, shared posts and offered encouragement…. each of you has played a role in this tiny miracle! Watch Cassidy on our livestream, 24/7 at http://tinykittens.comMore about what we do: http://tinykittens.com/programs

Posted by Tinykittens on Saturday, September 26, 2015

The fact that Cassidy even survived long enough to take his first tentative steps is miraculous in itself. He was part of a feral cat colony in British Columbia, Canada, and someone spotted him walking on his front legs “like a reverse velociraptor,” cat advocate Shelly Roche told The Huffington Post.

“This is somewhat grisly, but we suspect his mom may have accidentally chewed them off when she was trying to detach his umbilical cord at birth,” Roche said. “It’s incredible that he survived.”

Cassidy and his brother, Topper, were both collected and taken to Roche’s home, where she operates her non-profit rescue organization, Tiny Kittens. Cassidy was 9 weeks old when he was brought to her and he was in bad shape, weighing barely a pound and suffering from a serious infection — in addition to his lack of two legs.

“[Cassidy went] from a prognosis of certain euthanasia — according to the ER vets — to the thriving, happy, playful little guy you see in the videos,” Roche told HuffPost. “He has the heart of a dragon!”

Last week, Cassidy received his own little wheelchair that was designed and donated by Andrew Phillips of Handicapped Pets Canada.

We absolutely loved having Cassidy the bi pawed #MiracleKitten from Tinykittens here with us today to be fitted for his…

Posted by HandicappedPetsCanada.com on Thursday, September 24, 2015

Cassidy will be cruising around Tiny Kittens HQ until he’s old enough to — possibly — be adopted. If you want to see him (in all of his adorably determined beauty), you can watch him on the Tiny Kittens‘ livestream.

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