Two-Headed Python Hatches In Australia

The Siamese snake twins are doing well and should start eating soon.

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No, you're not seeing double. This snake has two heads.
John Virata

A reptile breeder in Australia was shocked when one of his snake eggs hatched out a carpet python with two heads earlier this month, and so far, the Siamese snake twins are doing well.

Snake breeder John McNamara got some attention when he invited the media into his breeding facility in Wodonga to check out the snake, and his plea for the help of a veterinarian was answered, according to the Sydney Morning Herald.

McNamara took snake twins Katana and Wakizashi to the vet, where a tube was inserted down their separate throats to see if there was any type of blockage.

Katana and Wakizashi have two heads and two throats. Via YouTube

Katana and Wakizashi have two heads and two throats. Via Kang Seblak/YouTube

“They both went down to the stomach so they’re completely separate… sharing one stomach; they should be sharing all the same organs but just have two heads and two throats,” he told the paper.

The siblings of Katana and Wakizashi have already shed their skin for the first time and five have already eaten, so the duo should be ready to take food. McNamara said that he would start the siblings on mouse tails and then work their way up to newborn mice called pinkies. He also said he would alternate which head would eat, but McNamara will have to be extra careful when feeding one head, as the other will most likely go after the food item as well. Because the twin pythons have longer necks than most two-headed snakes seen in the reptile hobby, that could pose a challenge.

“Snakes aren’t all that clever; if you throw a mouse to a two-headed snake, it is likely one will grab the front and one will grab the back and they’ll attempt to eat each other,” Ben Phillips, a bio sciences senior lecturer at the University of Melbourne, told the Herald. “There is something fascinating about any animal that has two heads because there is a sense of them being separate entities and the same.”

You can say that again.

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