Two Dogs May Not Be Twice the Fun

Taking home two puppies at once could make them bond with each other instead of their owner.

Q. We are planning on getting two puppies so that they will both have constant companions. However, we are hoping to select a German Shepherd Dog and a Boxer. Are these two breeds compatible if raised and acquired together? Both dogs will have a lot of space, activity, and attention. We jog with our pets and have two active kids.

A. The two breeds are strong and intelligent and should be compatible. However, I don’t recommend bringing home two puppies at once. Puppies are needy and demanding, and it’s difficult to do justice to them both. I would choose one puppy to integrate into your family, train and raise, and then wait until that puppy was a young adult before bringing another one home.

Two puppies will often tune out their owner and take cues from one another instead. A younger puppy, on the other hand, will pick up good habits from a well-trained older puppy or dog, simply by mimicking his behavior. By having the entire family focus on one dog at a time, you’ll get the most out of each dog, with maximum bonding.

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