Two Cats Encounter A Sleepy Fox At Their Back Door And It’s All Kinds Of Cute

Two cats and one human find a fox lounging outside their door, and it's hard to tell who is the most curious out of the bunch.

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Forget "The Fox and the Hound." We're all about "The Fox and the Two Cats."
Chrissa Hardy

It’s not every day that you come across an adorable woodland creature on your doorstep.

In a video uploaded to YouTube by Dan Bull, he and his two cats discover a fox on the other side of his back door, and they all just sit there staring at each other for a few magical moments.

Bull’s cats, Sammy and Jimmy, seemed to be endlessly fascinated by the fox, without even a moment of territorial hostility.

Via YouTube

“It smells good in there. Can I come in for a sec?” Via Dan Bull/YouTube

The fox — who had been asleep, according to the video’s description — just sits there and seems to be very curious about the human with the camera and the furry faces staring back through the glass door.

Via YouTube

“We don’t have iPhones in the forest, so I don’t understand what’s happening right now.” Via Dan Bull/YouTube

Even Bull himself can’t get over it.

Finally, after a few confused head tilts, the little fox scampers off.

Is this encounter mildly underwhelming and uneventful? Sure. But if you came across a fox at your back door, you’d be anything but bored. Right? Right. And you’d have a great idea for a Disney movie.

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