Two Books Detailing Copepod Species in Arabian Sea Released

Peer reviewed scientific books detail copepods of the northwestern Indian Ocean.

Written by
John Virata

University of Miami Oceanographer Sharon L. Smith has released two books that document copepods of the Arabian Sea. The books, Calanoid Copepods of the Arabian Sea Region by I. Prusova, S.L. Smith & E. Popova, and Halocyprid Ostracods of the Arabian Sea Region by I. Drapun & S.L. Smith take a look at the wealth of zooplankton found in the region of the Arabian Sea. In all, the books cover more than 100 species of these zooplankton taken from close to 1,000 water samples. These first two books in what will be a series marks the first time that information on these organisms have been collected in detail. The books offer peer-reviewed taxonomic detail of some of the most important food sources for whales, fish and corals that live in the northwestern Indian Ocean.

“We illustrated the books using pen and ink drawings which represent these organisms accurately and completely,” Drs. Prusova and Drapun, scientists from the Institute of Biology of the Southern Seas said in a press release put out by the University of Miami. “What is new and original is that more detailed drawings are included in the books than are generally available elsewhere, and the drawings are uniform. This will facilitate correct identification.”

The books are important, the authors say because not only are they filled with accurate information and precise pen and ink drawings combined with detailed photographs, but they will also serve as guides to evaluate how the ecosystems are in the current states now, and how they may be altered in the future by such issues as climate change and its effect on the local food web. The book series is being published by Sultan Qaboos University Academic Publication Board.

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