Two Animal Shelters in Florida Looking To Place 47 Dachshunds

Shelter volunteers drove from Florida to Arkansas to rescue the dogs.

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A hoarding case in Arkansas led shelter volunteers in Florida to drive and save 47 Dachshunds. Via WJHG 7
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Two animal shelters in Florida have a big task on their hands. They saved 47 Dachshunds from a high-kill shelter in Arkansas and need to place them.

The dogs were originally with a man who became sick and disabled and was no longer capable of caring for them. They were contacted by the local shelter about their predicament and that is when volunteers and workers with the Alaqua Animal Refuge and Save Underdogs shelter drove from Florida to Arkansas to retrieve them.

“They were going to be taken to a local shelter that wasn’t a no-kill shelter so, within a day, the reason it was so urgent for us to get them within this 24-48 hour time period was because they were going to be euthanized,” Alaqua Animal Refuge Communications Director Mary Chris Murry told WJHG 7.

Surprisingly quiet for 47 weenie dogs!!!
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Posted by Terri Bondi on Sunday, March 26, 2017

The refuge is a no-kill facility and all the animals that they take in are either adopted out or live the rest of their lives at the facility.

“We’ve got animals that have been here for years and they will stay here forever if we can’t find them a home,” Alaqua Animal Refuge Technician Alissa Parsons told WJHG 7.

Happening now!! 47 dachshunds left Arkansas at midnight and will here soon. Lawd help us!
ps. The mind that I used…

Posted by Save Underdogs on Sunday, March 26, 2017

The dogs range from 4 months to about 6 years in age and all seem healthy.

The dogs will need to be vaccinated before they are adopted out, but thankfully there already is interest from folks who wish to adopt.

“I’m out here already, before the doors open, I’m the first one, right? And I found my dog, would you believe it? And her name is Wendy,” Doris Olig told WJHG 7. Olig said she already found her dog, and named her Wendy.

If you wish to adopt one of the Dachshunds, contact Alaqua Animal Refuge by clicking the link or calling at (850) 880-6399; or reach out to Save Underdogs.

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