Two Adorably Demanding Cats In Fruit Hats Ring Bells For Treats

Putting a hat on a cat may be a death sentence for some cat owners, but these cats don’t seem to mind as long as their human keeps the treats coming.

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Cats in orange hats ring bells for treats
"Yeah, yeah, we'll wear these stupid hats. Just keep the treats coming." Via b_ru_ru/Twitter
Stephanie Brown

What would your cat do for treats? A pair of cats in Japan will wear fruit hats and ring bells.

Twitter user b_ru_ru posted a video of the cats sporting hats that look like oranges while they ring a call bell in return for a steady stream of treats. (Some people think the hats resemble pumpkins, but that’s probably because pumpkin spice season is upon us). The cats are relentless in their bell ringing, maybe because they know how much they deserve their delicious reward for agreeing to wear those ridiculous fruit-shaped hats.

We first came across these adorably demanding cats and their penchant for bell ringing back in April. They are just as demanding today but a lot more fashionable willing to wear whatever for treats.

Some may think the cats’ owner has trained them very well, but we think it is the cats who have trained their human.

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