Twitter Imagines What The World Would Be Like #IfCatsWereInCharge

A world with cat overlords doesn’t sound that much different from our current state, tbh.

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Would the world be a better place with cats in charge? Depends on who you ask. Via Adriano&Paulina/Twitter
Stephanie Brown

Who run the world? Cats.

Well, at least they think they do. And you know what? Maybe it wouldn’t be so bad if they did.

That’s the premise behind a hashtag trending on Twitter. Twitter users are posting all of the glorious scenarios that would occur if cats did actually run the world along with the hashtag #IfCatsWereInCharge.

Just imagine it — more naps! Mandatory playtime! All of our stuff would be knocked off the counter all the time and there is nothing we would be able to do about it. OK, maybe it wouldn’t be all that great.

Here are some of the funniest #IfCatsWereInCharge scenarios to date.

1. The tables would turn.

2. Everything would belong to the cats.

3. The government would put all of its resources into getting to the bottom of a new, more pressing issue.

4. Catnip would hit the streets. Hard.

5. Our TV viewing options would be very limited.

6. Dogs would definitely get a bum deal.

7. And there would be no such thing as privacy.

8. But there would be LOTS of back rubs.

9. And boxes for all!

10. It would be a more peaceful world.

11. And more loving.

12. As long as you played by the cats’ rules.

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