Twinkletoes The Ferret And The Trash Can

A ferret fascinated by trash cans meets her match.

When we got our ferret, she was named Chloe. My husband changed her name to Twinkletoes (TT for short), because, as he said, she wasn’t. She is fast, funny and deaf, but graceful she is not!
Shortly after TT came home with us, we discovered that she simply could not stand for a trash can to remain upright. If we emptied the trash can and showed it to her, then stood it up, she still pushed it over and went inside to be sure it was really empty.
Finally, in desperation, I purchased a couple of small metal trash cans with the lids that raise when you step on a pedal. One went in the den where TT spends most of her time. She didn’t appear to notice the trash can until she saw my husband open the lid and put something in it. Immediately she began investigating.

She went around the trash can numerous times, even stepping on the pedal in the process. However, her 1.5 pound weight wasn’t enough to move the lid. After about 30 minutes of nosing and feeling with her “hands,” she finally got her nose under the lid enough to push it open. She was thrilled! She pulled herself up and into the trash can – and the lid closed! It took her another 10 minutes to push the lid up enough to get out. 
Since then, Twinkletoes has ignored the den trash can, but any others she can reach are still fair game!

Laura Norris and her husband have been permitted to live with Twinkletoes for four years at their home along the beaches of North Carolina. Twinkletoes is the Norris’ first ferret and insists on being their only ferret. Besides their three grandchildren, Twinkletoes is the light of their life and a constant source of enjoyment. <HOME>

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