Twinkle Tush Adds Some Bling To Your Cat’s Butt

If you're tired of staring at your cat's unsightly backside, this sparkly accessory is just the thing for you.

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Oh yes, that's much better. Via

How many times have you hosted an elegant dinner party or invited the local Princesses over for cocktails and Jenga, only to have the evening ruined by your cat’s unsightly behind? SO MANY TIMES, RIGHT? Then the Twinkle Tush is just what you’ve been waiting for.

This stunning accessory is looped over your cat’s tail and turns the far end of her digestive tract into a sparkling jewel — a showpiece, really.

“With Twinkle Tush you’ll never show your cute heinie for all to know,” the bouncy YouTube video promises, while a butt-dazzled cat proudly struts around his owner’s home.

It's magical. Via Cat Crib/YouTube

Isn’t it magical? Via Cat Crib/YouTube

It should be stressed that the Twinkle Tush is totally a gag gift offered by Cat Crib, a company that makes little cat hammocks. You probably shouldn’t go anywhere near your cat’s backside with it, but if you want to purchase one for a laugh, they’re available online for under $6. You could always save them for the next dinner party.

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