Twelve Canine Graduates Join Explosives Detection Teams

Six teams will be among the first assigned to the mass transit environment.

The Transportation Security Administration graduated 12 new members of its National Explosives Detection Canine Team Program this week.

The teams will be assigned to airports in Los Angeles, Cleveland, Phoenix, Tulsa (Okla.) Greensboro (N.C.) and Little Rock (Ark.), as well as mass transit systems in Boston, Philadelphia, and Baltimore.

Once in place, each team will complete several hours of training to acclimate to the odors and distractions of its environment. Teams also undergo an on-site certification process.

These 12 teams represent the programs commitment to providing quality training for securing transportation systems, says David Kotny, NECTP director. The graduation of six mass-transit handlers is the first step in our expansion of TSA-certified explosive detection teams into the mass transit environment, and we look forward to working closely with each of these agencies as we have with our aviation partners for over 30 years.

Posted: Jan. 3, 2006, 3 p.m. EST

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