Tweets Hilariously Depict What Dogs Would Say If They Called 911

If only dogs could talk.

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What happens when dogs call 911. Fenne/iStock/Thinkstock
Cari Jorgensen

Humans might call 911 for a variety of reasons. Someone may be very ill, badly injured or have witnessed a car accident. Dogs, on the other hand, may not have the same reasons for calling. But what exactly might their emergencies be?

Twitter user Reverend Scott thought about it, and posted a few good — and hilarious — possible interactions between dogs and canine 911 operators.

1. The Human Is Working Emergency

The waiting is the worst.

2. The Ignored Holiday Emergency

A present should have been given.

3. The Left Out Of Valentine’s Day Emergency

Slighted on Valentine’s Day. Since chocolate can be hazardous to dogs, maybe he can at least get the flowers.

4. The Missing Ball Emergency (the toy, not that other kind)

Sometimes barking doesn’t get the ball back.

5. The Alone And Hungry Emergency

“Here, kitty, kitty, kitty.”

6. The Vacuum Emergency

The carpet is under attack.

7. The Second Vacuum Emergency

Oh, no! Not the long, sucky thing!

8. The Mailman Emergency

Mail carriers often have dog emergencies, too.

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