Turtle Just Trying To Grab Some Grub Nearly Gets Head Bit Off By A Huge Bass

A red-eared slider trying to eat a fish got more than he bargained for when a hungry bass showed up.

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Bass attack!
John Virata

A red-eared slider turtle was probably a bit shell-shocked (pardon the pun) after a feeding went bad at a local pond in Houston, Texas.

Kyle Naegli aka The Fish Whisperer goes down to a local pond every once in a while to feed gizzard shad to the turtles and largemouth bass that live in the pond, according to The Telegraph. For the most part, the feedings are fairly uneventful, but this time both predators were interested in the fish.

This red-eared slider got a bit shell-shocked after an encounter with a largemouth bass. Via The Fish Whisperer/YouTube

Watch out, turtle! Via The Fish Whisperer/YouTube

As the turtle goes to take a bite out of the fish, the big bass comes up from below to inhale the fish, misses, and in the process almost got a piece of the turtle. Thankfully, the turtle kept its head.

“It was such a close call for the turtle,” Naegli told The Telegraph.

“It swam away fine after nearly being decapitated and crawled back up the pond bank to escape. The bass was easily 7 or 8 pounds, it dwarfed the turtle. I feed the turtles down at the pond quite often and this has happened before. I’ve never managed to capture it on film though.”

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