Turn A Jar Into A Black-Footed Ferret!

In just one day you can decorate a treat jar or container to look like a black-footed ferret.

Make this adorable black-footed ferret jar as a gift, a donation or for yourself. It can be used to hold treats or in the ferret room to hold medical supplies or many other things. The black-footed ferret jar can be made in one day.

Supplies For Black-Footed Ferret Jar
• ½ yard of felt or plush fabric in both beige and dark brown
• Small pieces of white, black and pink (for nose, can be black) felt
• Sewing machine
• Glue
• Straight pins
• Black marker
• Scissors
• Batting (filling)
• Clear glass or plastic jar with large lid 

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This pattern was created for a jar that has a 4½ inch diameter lid and base. This pattern can easily be adjusted. To make smaller, simply sew wider seams. To make larger, sew the seams smaller.

Directions For Making Black-Footed Ferret Jar
To get started, print out the three-page, black-footed ferret patterns on 11 by 8.5 inch paper. See box above for patterns.

If you need a smaller or larger cover for the lid and bottom, place the lid on paper to trace the shape and make a pattern or use the included pattern (pattern piece 5). (See black-footed ferret jar image 2.)

For the rim on the bottom of jar, check to make sure that the rim will be wide enough to cover between 1 to 2 inches of the bottom part of the jar. You can widen the bottom rim piece if needed (pattern piece 13). (See black-footed-ferret jar image 3.)

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Cut out all fabric pieces. Lay out the mask (pattern piece 12) and place the white part of eye (pattern piece 20) on the mask. (See black-footed ferret image 4.) Place the black eye (pattern piece 11) inside the white. You can use a sewing machine, hand stitch or glue the eye pieces together. (See black-footed ferret jar image 5.)

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For the ears, take two of the ear pieces (pattern piece 7) and top stitch small inner ear onto it (pattern piece 8). Put the right sides of ear together and stitch. Turn inside out on both ears. (See black-footed ferret jar image 6.)

For the paws, stitch two paws together (pattern piece 2). Turn paw inside out and place a small amount of batting or fill inside. Stitch opening closed to keep fill inside and make three short stitches to create the claws. (See black-footed ferret jar image 7.)

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Sew the ear to the top of the head on the ferret (pattern piece 1) Then sew ear on other side. Next sew the head strip (pattern piece 4) around one side of the ferret head. (See black-footed ferret jar image 8.) When sewing on the opposite side, only sew from ear to nose so that you can open it in order to stitch the mask onto the head. (See black-footed ferret jar image 9.)

(NOTE: You can stitch the ferret head all the way and instead of sewing on the mask, you can glue the mask on. This is much easier. (See black-footed ferret jar image 10.)

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