Turkish Delight

The graceful, elegant Turkish Angora is a treat to own.

Cat Fancy- Turkish Angora- December 2010

With an uncanny receptiveness and intuition, Kit Goodwin’s Turkish Angora, Shadow, knows the moment her owner feels sad or upset.

“Shadow will come running to my lap if I am watching a sad movie and my eyes get misty,” explains Goodwin, a breeder from Ohio. “I don’t know how she detects this from across the room, but the minute my eyes tear up, she is there on my lap.”

Such devotion is just one reason so many people have fallen in love with the graceful, elegant Turkish Angora over the years. As its name implies, the Turkish Angora is thought to have originated in the mountainous region of Turkey. The cat was imported to Europe during the Rennaisance and eventually made its way to the United States but began losing its original beauty when it was bred indiscriminately to establish and maintain other breeds.

Fortunately, breeding programs in the cat’s native land preserved the Turkish Angora’s original characteristics. In the 1950s, a small colony of the cats was discovered at the Ankara Zoo in Turkey, and breeders soon began using these cats to re-establish the Turkish Angora as it is known today. The Cat Fanciers’ Association (CFA) recognized the all-white Turkish Angora for championship status in 1972, with all other colors of the breed earning the honor in 1978.


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