Tumors Common in Young Dogs

An expert answers your healthcare questions.

Q. Please give me information on noncancerous tumors in puppies. My 10-month-old Miniature Schnauzer has one on the front of his leg. My veterinarian said it would take two to three months before it fully disappears. It is very small right now.

A. It appears your veterinarian has diagnosed a histiocytoma. These are benign tumors or proliferations of histiocytescells in the skin that aid immune recognition processes. Their abnormal and uncontrolled growth results in a lump in the skintumor. These are most commonly seen in young dogs, though they can occur at any age. They are usually solitary, though multiple tumors can be seen in some individuals. They may inflame or become scarred. No underlying causes have yet been identified.

Ideally, you should have the tumor surgically removed and examined by biopsy. This eliminates the tumor and allows definite identification. However, your veterinarian is correct; the growth will probably disappear in a few months.

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