Tube Sock Kitten Sweater Saves Stray Feline From Cold

Tube Sock Sweater Kitten was swept into our lives with a hurricane and we couldn't be happier about the damage.

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Don't sweat it, kitty. We got you covered. Via Sarafu/Twitter
Anastasia Thrift

Hurricane Matthew has come and gone but the repercussions will be felt for a while. Especially the residual effects of heartbreaking cuteness by one tabby kitten in a tiny tube-sock sweater.

A Twitter user who goes by Sarahfu tweeted a picture of the kitten who was seeking refuge in a Raleigh, North Carolina, PetSmart. Since posting it on October 9, 130,000 people have liked it and 74,000 people have shared the incredibly endearing image.

Sarahfu snapped photos of the kitten, held by employees from the pet store’s Banfield Animal Hospital. (In her initial excitement she said it occurred at a Petco, but corrected her feed to say it happened at PetSmart.)

In later tweets, Sarahfu provides some more detail. The kitten had been brought in to the store a day earlier after someone found her in the storm. She hadn’t been processed by a formal shelter and workers were offering her free to a good home. Sarahfu writes that she was smitten with the cat and worried about her going to a bad home. She stayed with the kitten until a family came by who seemed to fall for her.

"I haz a sock sweater." Via Sarafu/Twitter

“I haz a sock sweater.” Via Sarafu/Twitter

“The vet assistant brings her out and both he and his kids are OBVIOUSLY IN LOVE,” she writes. “A few minutes later the wife had kitten protectively cradled against her and they were shopping for kitty supplies!!”

Not only did the kitten get warmth from the little custom sweater but also got a new home, thanks to the folks at PetSmart and Sarah, who fell for the little sweetie and stuck around until she was taken care of.

“Tube Sock Sweater Kitten is in good hands the end!!!” she signed off.

It is a heartwarming story. A super-small, elastic-cotton-knit-covered, heartwarming story.

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