TSA Wants You To Adopt Dogs That Retired Or Failed Training

These pups are former explosives detection dogs, and are free to adopt.

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Retired TSA working dogs are available for adoptionf or free. Via TSA/Instagram
Cari Jorgensen

If you’ve ever traveled by plane — especially internationally — then you’ve seen a dog or two walking around with handlers sniffing people’s bags and various areas of the airport. These working dogs, employed by the Transportation Security Administration (TSA), are there to detect explosives (among other things).

Like any other working being, explosives detection dogs retire, and not all of them make it through training. Rather than dust off their résumés and apply to jobs at countless companies, these retired and no-longer-in-training-but-not-employed dogs are looking to fill the position of Your Companion.

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That’s right. The TSA is looking for homes for their former working dogs. The dogs range in age from 2 to 10 years old, and the breeds include German Short-Haired Pointers, Labrador Retrievers, German Shepherds and Belgian Malinois, according to a TSA press release. The TSA states some of the dogs are trained, while others are not, but all of them are active and neutered or spayed. These dogs have lived in kennels instead of houses, so they may take a minute to adjust to the new environment.

The TSA dogs available for adoption are in San Antonio, Texas. Those interested in adopting one of the dogs will need to travel there to pick the dog up, which is at the new owner’s expense. However, there is no adoption fee for a TSA dog.  

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If you’re interested in adopting a former TSA explosives detection dog, contact the TSA Adoption Coordinator by email at AdoptaTSAcanine@OLE.tsa.dhs.gov.

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